Kyrkos International was founded in 1984, and established its first international affiliated company, trading commodities in the Netherlands in 1987. In 1993 our affiliated company in Belgium was one of the biggest distributors of packed cement in the greater area of the Be.Ne.Lux., and in 1994 the trading process expanded into the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia).

In 2001 our affiliated company in the Baltic region developed an production division producing large volumes of Vodka for the Russian market, and in 2003 the company started the production of the Latvian brand "Sarkana Original Red" and a year later, in 2004, the production of "Oksana Triple Distilled Vodka".

Today, Kyrkos International produces, distributes and participates with country targeted activities around the world.

Our present goal is to provide innovative service to our growing customer base and expand our global market share.

A recent extensive market survey, including statistical data on trade flows for specific commodities compared to other major merchant houses, has shown that expectations for our company are high.

We continue to draw on our global resources to deliver a high level of service to our international clients in a cost effective and efficient way, ensuring a bright future collaboration.