DCWS (Dct-Chemco & Westline-stockX) Maritime Enterprises Ltd has been established to deliver a back office, logistic facilities and handling systems to avoid placing, affiliated companies at risk, however, trade and supplies should be absolutely necessary and legally endorsed by industry regulators, something which the DCWS has already implemented.

DCWS, operating on lease agreement warehouse facilities in:

  • A.R.A. ( Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam)
  • Panama
  • Hamburg
  • Rigav
  • United Kingdom
  • Gibraltar
  • Cyprus
  • Lebanon

Strengths & Threats

With performance, compact design, power efficiency and trade level, the company considering to increase flexibility strength and revenues.

  • Low operational costs
  • Presence of established in maritime and leisure networks in both tax free and travel retail
  • Presence of well-known brands in FMCG sector
  • Un tapped emerging markets
  • Rising income levels i.e. increase in purchasing power.
  • Large leisure market
  • Export potential
  • High consumer goods spending
  • Removal of National import restrictions resulting in intellectual property infringements
  • Slowdown in tax free demand.
  • Tax and regulatory structure

DCWS -Warehousing

DCWS has had a presence in A.R.A for more than 25 years and is today one of the key providers of maritime and leisure services. Bonded warehousing stock monitoring are one of DCWS growing activities and new product lines and markets are continuously watched in order to offer premium service.


  • Handling and storage of dry and reefer shipments (including barge and rail handling)
  • Inspection, and preparation of dry shipments
  • Inspection, repairs and preparation of reefer shipments
  • Consolidation – Catering supplies
  • Purchase & Sales

DCWS fight counterfeiting, which is a growing and increasingly dangerous phenomenon affecting not only luxury fashion goods, but also medicines, toothpaste and body care products. Counterfeit products we do return to customs. It goes without saying that fighting and dismantling that kind of trafficking contributes to improving the trade environment globally. Seizures of such items by customs officers in the EU have reached huge numbers recently.