DFE is a multi-purpose trading company, dedicated to trade products on FMCG markets and to manage logistic efficiency. As a global trading company, it allows you to trade quickly and efficiently with us.

DFE uses an extensive knowhow -in trade architecture- and can be extended to clients requiring high flexibility. DFE provide a ready-to-trade solution with a pricing library and volatility embedded knowledge. DFE Trader's has been trained to match real-time needs of trading demands in a low-latency trade context.

Dedicated to facilitate the demands around the world, DFE provides a flexible, customizable and friendly merchant's floor allowing traders to create their own mind setting and approaches' s that are handled with different sets of company views.

DFE enhance profitability through expansion into new markets and increases market share by executing more trading opportunities by competition. In Geographical markets we structured product range to cultivate customer demand by quoting volumes, tighter delivery and to improve valuation by integrating proprietary quotations. Trading competition that provide low-latency on existing and new markets worldwide have become the key drivers of success for DFE, due to, monitoring in listed demand and structured products.

DFE trades in wide assortment and manage aspects that impact trades. Indeed, one of DFE's main competitive advantages is the capacity to manage smart orders linked with its pricing capabilities. DFE has been equipped for Sales and Trade and to animate products in real-time within geographical boarders and is able to handle thousands of products via a global network.

DFE offers particular added-value services such as appraisals of product quality/quantity. We are focused to perform and manage executions/orders on geographical markets upon your demand. We offer particular value added experience for monitoring market opportunities and triggering stock /allocation strategies.